8 innovative enterprise mobility use cases by Indian enterprises

The pervasive nature and impact of mobile-enabled solutions can be seen across Indian enterprises, with organizations leveraging mobility to fuel new business models and transform traditional processes. While there are a number of use cases of enterprise mobility, few initiatives stand out. Dataquest takes a look at eight such companies that are reaping concrete business benefits with their mobility initiatives. Enterprise mobility in Indian organizations has come a long way in the last decade. It is no longer being used just to provide anytime, anywhere access to corporate data to employees. And it is no longer being used only by large organizations. Organizations of all sizes are now accelerating their mobility drive and leveraging the mobile platform innovatively for creating new business opportunities, bringing in process efficiencies, enhancing customer service, reducing cost, etc. In fact, use cases of mobility today are only limited by imagination. While the scope of enterprise mobility is huge, there are a few companies that are ahead of the pack and driving innovation with mobility. We take a detailed look at eight such innovative projects led by Indian enterprises.

classleClassle: Imparting Education to Rural

All over the world, educational institutions are exploring mobility solutions to enhance the students’ learning experience and provide them a holistic environment for learning. Education-based mobility solutions take the concept of learning beyond brick and mortar, and bring educators and learners from different parts of the globe together. Classle is one such organization that is leveraging mobility solutions effectively and efficiently on the cloud to bring a wave of sea change in the space of education. It is focused on using mobile devices to provide a seamless online and offline experience through mobile devices to students, irrespective of their geographical and socio-economic background. “The ability to use mobile devices, even low-cost ones, makes the entire learning process ubiquitous and accessible,” emphasizes Vaidya Nathan, CEO and Founder, Classle Knowledge.

Classle has an online platform at its core through which students and learners interact with their peers, teachers, professors, and professionals through different courses and modules created online. The modules, features, courses, and content are accessed and delivered through both Internet on computers and offline and other means through mobile technology. “As the registration is absolutely free, rural students can seek knowledge, learn, and compete equally with other students in large cities,” states Vaidya Nathan.

Classle is leveraging mobility services in the cloud to build a digital ecosystem for educators and learners. One example is its product, Classle Slate, which is a highly interactive and engaging app that works on any Android device. The app gives access to education materials and other valuable resources available on the website. Further, this innovative app lets the learner access website content offline too.

Classle is working with over 100 educational organization and individual educators who share the common goal of bringing quality and relevance into education and learning. “With 350,000+ student members having signed up for Classle Cloud Campuses, we are poised to empower every student and learner with quality learning,” says Vaidya Nathan. Classle has received a strong and positive feedback from its community of learners, educators, and professionals. It is working on further expanding its footprint in mobility.

Vaidya Nathan - CEO and Founder of Classle Knowledge“The ability to use mobile devices, even low-cost ones, makes the entire learning process ubiquitous and accessible” —Vaidya Nathan CEO and Founder, Classle Knowledge.


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