8 innovative enterprise mobility use cases by Indian enterprises

The pervasive nature and impact of mobile-enabled solutions can be seen across Indian enterprises, with organizations leveraging mobility to fuel new business models and transform traditional processes. While there are a number of use cases of enterprise mobility, few initiatives stand out. Dataquest takes a look at eight such companies that are reaping concrete business benefits with their mobility initiatives. Enterprise mobility in Indian organizations has come a long way in the last decade. It is no longer being used just to provide anytime, anywhere access to corporate data to employees. And it is no longer being used only by large organizations. Organizations of all sizes are now accelerating their mobility drive and leveraging the mobile platform innovatively for creating new business opportunities, bringing in process efficiencies, enhancing customer service, reducing cost, etc. In fact, use cases of mobility today are only limited by imagination. While the scope of enterprise mobility is huge, there are a few companies that are ahead of the pack and driving innovation with mobility. We take a detailed look at eight such innovative projects led by Indian enterprises.

TVS Motors: Recalling Defective Vehicles 

One of India’s leading two wheeler manufacturers, TVS Motor Company is another firm showcasing the power of mobility and using it extensively. For example, the company is using mobility for recalling vehicles, which have been identified with some defects. Recalls are a part and parcel of the automotive industry and recalling vehicles due to potential manufacturing issues and safety-related defects is an expensive proposition for the manufacturers. 

“If we identify defects in a few vehicles from a particular batch which hits the market, we can’t call back the entire batch with thousands or even lakhs of vehicles. We should be able to call the selected ones identified with defects,” explains TG Dhandapani, CIO, TVS Motor. 

Leveraging mobility with M2M has made this possible for TVS Motor. The mobility solutions can also capture the defect data and paint consumption data. “Today, with mobility solutions, we can recall the faulty vehicles from a particular batch and save a substantial amount of cost,” asserts Dhandapani.

Apart from recalling vehicles, TVS Motor is using mobility for creating new business opportunities and improving productivity. The company’s mobility initiatives are threefold: Hygiene, cost reduction, and strategic. Under hygiene initiatives, TVS Motors covers all office productivity improvement projects. Reports on sales, production, quality, and project status are pushed to mobile devices.

Under the cost reduction or revenue opportunity initiatives, TVS Motors has developed around 10 applications to prevent or minimize loss and create sales opportunities. Further, the company’s strategic mobility initiatives are customer-focused and helps the company in monitoring service history and resale value of vehicles. 

TG-Dhandapani“Today, with mobility solutions, we can recall the faulty vehicles from a particular batch and save a substantial amount of cost” —TG Dhandapani CIO, TVS Motor.


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