8 innovative ways WhatsApp is being used in India

#2 Solving crimes in Hyderabad


A WhatsApp complaint system launched by the Hyberabad police, has received 341 complaints about crimes and traffic problems in just 30 days. Press reports state that four missing kids were traced in hours and 25 chain snatching cases were solved after people forwarded photographs and details to the Whatsapp number given by the police.

The police department has also created a number of Whatsapp groups to communicate during duty. Accordingly, specific groups have been formed for law and order, crime, traffic etc.

The department is leveraging WhatsApp’s ability to instantly share photographs and details of criminals, missing persons and places of VIP visits. The instant sharing of CCTV footages or criminals has helped in nabbing criminals quickly as information can be quickly relayed to groups or police stations.

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