8 innovative ways WhatsApp is being used in India

WhatsApp is extremely popular among the youth as a popular messaging platform.  Dataquest brings you some innovative examples of organizations that are using WhatsApp to solve basic problems


#1 Curbing traffic violations in Delhi


Launched on October 16 last year, the WhatsApp helpline number 8750871493 launched by the Delhi Police has received nearly 85,000 complaints regarding traffic violations and related issues. The Delhi Police has taken action in over 7,500 of these complaints.

Special Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Muktesh Chander said that since its inception, 84,621 complaints relating to obstructive parking, traffic jam, traffic violation, defective traffic signals, breakdown of vehicles, misbehave/ refusal/overcharging by auto drivers and suggestions for improving smooth flow of traffic on Delhi roads had been received.

From a convenience point of view, the WhatsApp helpline can also be used if anybody’s vehicle is towed away for improper parking. The person is sent a contact number on the whereabouts of the vehicle and also directed with the shortest possible route to reach the spot.

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