8 innovative examples of Big Data usage in India

#8 Using Big Data to predict ticket confirmations for trains

ixigo trains and hotels 2

Using the power of Big Data, ixigo has launched a PNR prediction feature for train travelers. For any given train’s wait-listed status, ixigo is now able to show the near accurate probability with which the ticket will confirm, so that travelers may decide whether or not to book a wait-listed ticket.

PNR prediction feature also shows the probability of getting your ticket confirmed if already booked and solves a huge pain area for millions of daily train travelers. The company claims that its app gives far more accurate PNR prediction than all existing PNR prediction services since ixigo has mined data from over 10 million PNRs over the last two years. The company claims an accuracy rate of 90% accuracy and hopes to raise it to 95% over a period of time.


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