8 innovative examples of Big Data usage in India

#5 Big Data for ensuring proper water supply

Illustration of a water pipe providing clean drinking water

The Kerala Water Authority (KWA), Government of Kerala, India is using IBM’s Analytics and Mobility solutions to analyze, monitor and manage water distribution in the city of Thiruvananthapuram.

With a population of more than 3.3 million, providing connections with equitable water supply to 210,000 households across divisions/ subdivisions was a challenging task, due to aging pipes, leaking infrastructure and unauthorized use of water. There were huge losses in water distribution with close to 45% of fresh water unaccounted for or wasted due to leakages. Also, without systems in place to monitor and provide real-time visibility into water consumption, it was difficult for KWA to track the performance of water treatment.

KWA was also facing challenges in revenue collection as the billing system was unable to accurately track water consumption by consumers. Today, due to the Big Data analytics system, the data monitored by the IBM systems will help KWA in tracking water meters across the city on consumption, thereby reducing billing anomalies and improving revenue collection by more than 10%. With the solutions, KWA aims to achieve 100 % success in equitable water supply with the ability to monitor and flag irregularities in water usage using sensors and intelligent meters.

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