8 innovative examples of Big Data usage in India

#4 Big Data for gaining insights into shopping behavior


DLF has deployed an innovative mobile-phone based solution that channels data insights from customers visiting DLF Promenade, a high-end shopping mall serving the metropolitan New Delhi area. The technology performs real-time analytics to convert data gathered from shopper’s movements in the mall to provide meaningful interactions for smartphone users. DLF is now using the solution to allow retailers in the mall to extend sales deals to shoppers via the app, based on footfall heat maps.

This is also seen in the eCommerce world. From a Flipkart to a Goibibo, almost every eCommerce firm uses Big Data extensively. eCommerce giant Flipkart for example, analyzes 25 million rows of inventory data every day to enable data-driven decision-making. Likewise, other leading companies like Snapdeal and HomeShop18 claim they generate 30-40% of their orders with the help of big data tools that they use.

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