78. Hughes Escorts Communications

Maintaining its leadership as a VSAT services provider, HECL grew much faster than in the previous year. After five years of operations and a 65% share in the 12,000-odd installed base of VSATs in the country, the company is now trying to enhance its portfolio by offering comprehensive solutions for data, voice, intranet and Internet applications. It has signed agreements with Intelligroup Asia, Aditya Birla and the Bombay Stock Exchange.


  • Leader in VSAT market with 65% share 
  • Enhanced portfolio through value-adds
CEO: Partho Banerjee START-UP YEAR: 1995
PRODUCTS & SERVICES: VSAT services and maintenance EMPLOYEES: 252
ADDRESS: Plot No 1, Sector-18, Electronics City, Gurgaon 122015 
TEL: 6398834/39 FAX: 6398840 WEBSITE: www.hughes-escorts.com

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