How AI helps faster assessment in breast cancer screening

Google Health is developing a model that lets an investigational AI model flag scans for an immediate review by a radiologist.

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AI in breast cancer detection

Mammography is a nerve-wracking assessment procedure in itself. Each year, millions of women undergo breast cancer screening across the world and then wait for several weeks before a radiologist can assess the scan and give results. Normally, a smaller sub set of the group has to return for a second procedure and more scans for a final assessment. This prolongs the detection and treatment further.


To address this complex model, Google Health along with Northwestern Medicine is embarking on a research to conclude whether artificial intelligence would help in reducing the diagnosis time and enabling faster assessment for the patient, the company stated in a blog.

Women volunteering for the study would have their mammograms reviewed by an investigational AI model and in case of a higher likelihood of breast cancer will flag it for an immediate review by a radiologist. If the radiologist suggests a further test for imaging then the patient can undergo the process the same day. Patients whose tests haven’t been flagged will continue to be reviewed on regular time frames.

This study will help evaluate whether the time frame for diagnosis will be reduced. This can lead to faster diagnosis and better patient experience.