Seven interesting deployments of Enterprise Social Networks by Indian enterprises

Encore Capital Group


encore capital

A debt management and recovery solutions firm Encore Capital Group wanted a conventional intranet site which could be accessed anywhere, anytime. A common internal resource for employees where all the information scattered among multiple IT products’ chat and group discussion platforms can be aggregated.

The company used SocialXtend, an enterprise social collaboration tool leveraging SharePoint 2010 infrastructure, to integrate all the existing sites and sub-sites and give Encore’s 4,000 employees a common platform to have conversations, blogs, share ideas, etc. With this ESN, employees can team up in workspaces based on their interests, projects, expertise, corporate initiatives, and so on.

As a result, there has been a tremendous increase in employee engagement and over 2,500 active users collaborate from various offices. Because of this active collaboration, it was easy to identify the users as experts, problem solvers, thought leaders, etc. Further, it enables Encore to take timely decisions and measures to maintain the health of the social network within the organization. The company also experienced more efficient file sharing and document management, which has in turn reduced multiple emails.

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