Seven interesting deployments of Enterprise Social Networks by Indian enterprises

DDB Mudra


Inspired by the popularity of social media platforms, DDB Mudra, one of the world’s largest advertising holding companies, wanted to provide a Facebook like user experience for employees to improve collaboration. The company wanted the ideas to be captured, collaborated, and stored in a central repository. It also wanted to empower its employees with information, anywhere, anytime, and on multiple devices such as smartphones/tabs, etc, as is the norm these days.

The collaboration platform deployed was built around the MangoApps architecture that uses open source technologies based on Java. The user experience is similar to Facebook and allows users to create new ideas and share it across groups. These can be collaborated through multi-threaded posts/discussions and refined. All these are stored in a central repository thus, ensuring nothing gets lost and ideas can be easily searched and revisited. With this, there has been a 16% decrease in travel and communication costs along with the ease in finding information and access to resources/people. The number of ideas contributed by employees also doubled and the productivity of the employees also increased substantially.

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