Seven interesting deployments of Enterprise Social Networks by Indian enterprises

Essar’s ‘MyEssar’


Essar was traditionally using a platform that provided only one-way communication with no means of a collaborative and interactive approach. And to sustain the existing platform and to broadcast information across Essar locations, major replication was needed, which led to people dependencies and duplication of effort.

To address these concerns, the company built an intranet portal ‘MyEssar’ to create a digital platform that is more user friendly and allowed young Essarites to consume information and interact with other counterparts and business with ease.

The impact of the project has been significant in several ways, including business HR, where some crucial decisions have been made because of the new platform. Now, the users are engaging via this platform to provide a solution for internal job postings, employee surveys, quick polls, announcements, live streaming of videos, sharing of pictures from office events and much more. All this has led to a new way of thinking. The employees are now coming up with engaging and more creative ways of communicating with end users.

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