Seven interesting deployments of Enterprise Social Networks by Indian enterprises

Considering the networking and connectivity benefits of social media platforms, businesses are increasingly replicating the same model within the organization by implementing Enterprise Social Network (ESN) to enhance collaboration among co-workers across various geographies and time zones. Businesses are also integrating key enterprise-specific features like emails, discussions/ forums across domains, knowledge repository, etc, in an ESN to enable seamless exchange of ideas and information.

Dataquest takes a look at 7 such companies that have successfully implemented an ESN within their organization to increase employee productivity and ensure greater collaboration and transparency.

HDFC Life ‘My Life’


Inspired by the social networking platforms, HDFC Life deployed a social networking application ‘My Life’. To encourage employees to use the social network, extensive communication was done through teasers emails and SMSes. In a 5 months’ time, as much as 7,000 employees logged in and started using the network for discussions, idea sharing, and for connecting with colleagues and seniors across locations.

Today, there are more than 400 communities related to departmental initiatives, innovations, and common interest areas. These communities help in creating a knowledge bank of all discussions and documents, educate employees in tax planning, selling better, clearing CFA exams, and sharing regional practices with everyone across the country. The platform is being used to share important ‘how to documents’ for everyday tasks like using e-learning platform, lead management system, claim reimbursement, etc. Live chats to connect with all India employees are regularly conducted.

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