69. Hewlett-Packard ISO

A fully-owned subsidiary of Hewlett Packard and part of its e-solutions division, HP-ISO grew by almost 40% to Rs 165
crore. Gross and net profits grew to a little over Rs 12 crore while operating margins were at 10%. HP-ISO has a miniscule domestic revenue base with almost all its earnings coming from the export of customized software to the US in the IT and telecom segments. HP-ISO has a strong R&D team of a 1,000 which it plans to further augment.


  • Sales and R&D teams to be expanded
  • Revenues up by 39% to Rs 165 crore
Directors: Padma Ravichandran and VS Subrahmanyam
Start-up year: 1989 Products: Computer Software Employees: 1,154
Address: 29 Cunningham Road, Bangalore 560052 Tel: 2251554
Fax: 2200196 Website: www.hpindia.com/iso

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