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69% enterprises have adopted quantum computing or will in next year: Report

Quantum computing is now moving to adoption stage in enterprises across the globe. Enterprises are finally seeing the benefits of applying quantum for various applications in the enterprises. While some regions of the globe are gaining speed with the adoption, others are slowly emerging out of their hesitancy.

In a survey conducted by Zapata Computing in December 2021 consisting of IT decision makers at large global enterprises, it was revealed: 74% of the respondents agree “those who fail to adopt quantum solutions will fall behind.” And therefore, quantum computing is no more on the fringes and is moving beyond planning and wait-and-observe stage. 69% of enterprises across the globe say they have adopted or planning to adopt quantum computing in the coming year. The key factor for quantum adoption is its ability to deliver better business performance and results, state 60% of respondents investing in quantum or planning to in the next year.

US leads in the adoption of quantum computing, closely followed by Canada and China. 12% US enterprises have started on adoption and expecting competitive advantage in a year. Also, in terms of achieving competitive advantage, 44% of German respondents predict to gain one in the next two years.

Although gaining competitive advantage and early mover advantage is the prime motive of enterprises adopting quantum, 60% enterprises state better performance and business results to be the top motivation. It is followed by workforce development by 50%, insurance against disruption by 49% and blocking IP by 28%.

Focusing on top use cases for quantum adoption: 55% enterprises are building quantum applications to solve machine learning and data analytics problems. Businesses are making data driven decisions and hence looking toward quantum to give them an edge in analysing the data for faster and more informed decisions. This is closely followed by complex simulation and modelling problems (51%) and complex optimization problems (50%).

But the biggest barrier to quantum adoption is the lack of help of a trusted vendor as stated by a whopping 96%. 73% respondents expressed concern about vendor lock-in with a full stack quantum vendor with 33% of the quantum adopting respondents cited the same as a major barrier to adoption.

How are then organizations prepping for quantum adoption? Identifying talent and building an internal team is the top choice with 77% of the most advanced adopters choosing it. It is followed by experimenting and building proofs of concept, building new applications and working with outside vendors.

 Of the surveyed organizations, enterprises in Australia (67%), India and UK (63%) are gearing toward building an internal team. India and UK (63%) are again looking at experimenting and building proofs of concept closely followed by Japan (61%), Germany and Canada (56%), and China (53%).

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