67. Acer India

This was the first full year as independent company for the Taiwan-based Acer’s Indian venture. According to estimates, Acer clocked revenues of Rs 130 crore in domestic sales and Rs 40 crore in direct billings. A
majority, nearly 80%, came from its SI partners like Wipro, PCS, CMC and Spicenet while the balance was from distributors. The company’s focus areas were financial services, EOU and
govesrnment organizations and this made up 80% of overall revenues.


  • Clocked revenues of Rs 184 crore
  • 87% revenues come from Compaq
MD: WS Mukund START-UP YEAR: 1999
PRODUCTS: Servers and desktops BRANCHES: 6 DEALER: 200
ADDRESS: 1st Floor, George Thangiah Complex (East), 80 Feet Road,
Indiranagar, Bangalore 560 075
TEL: 5219520, 5219521, 5219523 FAX: 5219535 WEBSITE:

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