61. Hughes Software System

Hughes Software


The past year saw Hughes Software Systems posting a revenue of 198.5 crore, with more than 95% of its revenues coming from exports. Interestingly, nearly 80% of exports were to the US and HSS generated 60% of its revenue in the “slowdown-hit” OND and JFM quarters. The year also saw the launch of new products in three core domains–mobile internet, VoIP and network management–with 28% of the company’s revenue coming from products. 

PRESIDENT & MD: Arun Kumar
START-UP YEAR: 1992 PRODUCTS AND SERVICES: Communications-related software
EMPLOYEES: 1,506 BRANCHES: 3 ADDRESS: Plot 31, Electronic City, Gurgaon 122 015
TEL: 6346666 FAX: 6455100 WEBSITE: www.hssworld.com


  • Revenues up by 85%
  • Added 46 new clients to voice and data portfolio services.

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