6 hurdles impeding mobility adoption in healthcare

Mobile technologies have the potential to transform healthcare by making available all the necessary information at a touch, consequently improving patient care, reducing complexities, and improving efficiencies. Though the use of mobility among Indian healthcare organizations is at a relatively nascent stage, research reports suggest a sea change in terms of focus by corporate healthcare providers, government, etc, in the times to come. Dataquest digs out the key obstacles facing mobility while making inroads in the healthcare set up:



Lack of Standardization:  There are common processes which every hospital follows, like consultation in OP, diagnostics in pathology, radiology, etc. But each hospital does the same thing in its own way to achieve the same result and each doctor uses his own experience to treat the patients. On top of it, each hospital has its own unique style of operation. So, the biggest challenge is lack of standard practices across hospitals, causing tweaks to happen.

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