58. 3Com



3Com’s focus on the carrier and ISP businesses was taken a step further as it spun this off as a separate company–Commworks. In the remote access servers (RAS) market, 3Com gave a tough fight to Cisco and emerged as the leader with 53% marketshare. Its carrier/ISP division contributed Rs 108 crore and consumer/ commercial business division clocked Rs 102 crore. Among the top ISPs, its clients include Satyam, Mantra, Bharti Telenet and

CEOs: Vijay Yadav (carriers and ISP–now Commsworks), Ramgopal Vallath (commercial/consumer business)
START-UP YEAR: 1995 PRODUCTS & SERVICES: Networking products, remote access servers, switches, modems
EMPLOYEES: 18 ADDRESS: 1116-1120, International Trade Towers, Nehru Place, New Delhi 
TEL: 6293177-8 FAX: 6293179 WEBSITE: www.3Com.com


  • Continues leadership in RAS segment
  • Spins off carrier and ISP business as a separate company–Commworks

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