55. Sonata software

Sonata software


Bangalore-based Sonata Software grew by 30% to Rs 225.9 crore. Gross and net profit grew by 39% and 47% respectively, even as there was a marginal improvement in operating margins. However, over the past three years, though the company has been growing in gross terms, its rate of growth has steadily declined–from 48% in 1998-99 to 29.6% this year. It was also one of the few companies to have almost halved its sales and marketing workforce last year.

MD & President: B Ramaswamy
Start-up year: 1986 Employees: 847 Branches: 9
Address: 1/4, APS Trust Building, Bull Temple Road, NR Colony, Bangalore 560 019
Tel: 6610330 Fax: 6610972 Website: www.sonata-software.com


  • Growth rate down from 39% to 30%
  • Sales and marketing headcount reduced by half

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