53. PRIYA 

The Mumbai-based dealer of hardware and networking products leapt 91% to Rs 226.4 crore in 2000-01. Its profits, however, fell to Rs 33.5 lakh, from Rs 53 lakh in 1999-00. The southern region alone contributed 41% to the revenue. Quarter-wise, its revenues showed a downward trend, with the January-March quarter bringing in the least. Among products sold were AGP cards, cabinets, cameras, CD writers, CPUs, motherboards, monitors, cables and modems.


  • Grew 91%, to Rs 226 crore 
  • Revenues fell through the quarters, with Q4 being worst
 CHAIRMAN: Arun Kumar Bhuwania 
1986 PRODUCTS: Computer hardware and networking products
BRANCHES: 16 DEALERS: 2,100 ADDRESS: 4th Floor, Podar Chambers, 109, SAB Road, Mumbai
TEL: 2663611, 2663676 FAX: 2664154 WEBSITE: www.priyagroup.com

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