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5 Ways SMEs are Benefited by Using HR Software

Automation of recruitment with the aid of an HR software helps recruiters select the required individuals accurately

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) usually want to grow and penetrate into new markets. Having a great idea and a robust business model are 2 ways SMEs can improve their chances of meeting these aspirations. Another way SMEs can improve their odds of success is by recruiting the right people. A great team can lead an SME to stellar heights while a mediocre one may not allow it to fulfil its ambition. Recruiting a great team can prove challenging even to astute recruiters. Nearly every recruiter has made mistakes and recruited the wrong person at least a few times. One way an SME can improve the odds of hiring the right people is by using HR software. HR software allows recruiters to hire people confidently and much more. A few ways SMEs are benefited by using HR software are described below.

Automate Recruitment

Every HR professional knows their job is challenging. Employees can be a company’s most valuable asset or its greatest liability. Most SMEs recruit constantly. This is why using an HR software that automates recruitment is so essential for them. Such software is useful when there is a need to recruit a large number of people because it can create recruitment campaigns that reach many qualified candidates. Doing so also saves valuable time.

HR software can also be used to monitor and track new job applications, create payrolls for new employees, create vacancies within the company, perform background checks of potential candidates, and perhaps most importantly allow job applicants to apply online.

Oversee Employees Work

Recruiting the right people is just 1 HR challenge. Once a talented employee has joined it’s crucial to ensure he or she works productively. HR software allows SMEs to monitor the workflow of employees. Doing so ensures everyone is working as needed and a company’s output meets the expectations of its management. HR software also allows management to review and appraise employees. SMEs particularly benefit from HR software because it can address employee concerns and creates a platform where ideas are shared.

Track Referrals from Employees

One of the most effective ways to recruit is through referrals. An advantage of such recruitment is that employees are unwilling to refer someone unless he or she is genuine and can do a job well. This is why recruitment using referrals is so valuable. An SME that uses HR software to manage referrals can track which employee has referred a candidate. A management team can use this information to decide whether it wants to recruit a referred candidate or not. When successful recruitments have been made using the software, employees who referred candidates can be thanked using HR software.

Manage Employees Key Responsibility Areas

For an SME to thrive, its employees must be productive. HR software allows management to track the productivity of a team or individuals. AI enabled HR software can even make suggestions using data input by employees. When implemented such suggestions create better schedules making teams more productive. HR software also improves productivity by creating a platform where employees can undertake crucial training. The results of such training can be analysed and employees in need of further training can be identified.

Employees Can Enter Their Own Data

Despite the small size of SMEs, their HR teams are often responsible for dozens of employees. In a single month an HR professional in an SME many need to manage leaves and absences of dozens of people. HR software allows employees to enter data relevant to leaves, absences, half-days, making it unnecessary to keep track of the same using documents. By granting employees the autonomy to enter such data themselves, HR software instils in them greater loyalty and appreciation for the company.

Every company isn’t assured success, which is why it vital for SMEs to use every tool available to stay ahead of the competition. HR software is one such tool. By allowing SMEs to recruit the best talent and helpingthem work optimally, HR software can play an important part in transforming SMEs into larger enterprises.

By Karan Jain, Executive Director, HR-One

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