5 Technologies to Drive Easy Customer Connect

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By: Anand Jain, Co-Founder, CleverTap


Smartphones have acquired a position of prime importance in every individual’s life. Internet enabled smart devices have efficiently replaced our PC’s, alarm clocks, notebooks, dairies, cameras and many other gadgets, and that’s not all, smartphones now have the power of apps and the app store is flowing with apps of all kinds. Users now work, shop, entertain, read and socialize through the smartphones. There are about 2 mn apps in the Apple’s App Store and a little over 2.2 mn apps for android powered devices. All these apps are directing efforts towards finding a permanent spot on the screen of your smart device. The act of finding, targeting and obtaining new customers converting and retaining them is among the top priorities of business owners.

Technology has dramatically changed over the last 5 years. Ad hoc and irrelevant marketing does not work when competition is fierce. Businesses need to direct efforts to connect with the users in the right fashion so they can build a lasting relationship. To successfully engage with the user businesses need data backed analytics, which yield valuable information about customers, instrumental in directing appropriate marketing efforts towards traction, engagement and retention.

Data backed statistics such as

· Number of daily uninstalls

· Data of app-launch to app-launch retention cohorts for people who open your app, how often they return to it and open it ? Is it every day for 50% of your users? Is it every week? Is it every month?

And other technological tools easy and efficient connect can be established with the user.


App Store Optimization

Reaching out to the user is the first step of establishing contact with the user. Making your app easily discoverable will definitely need ASO. The higher your app ranks in an app store’s search results, the more visible it is to potential customers. Title of the app, keywords, no. of downloads and rating are the major factors affecting ASO. Pick an appropriate title and wisely add relevant keywords that would impact the apps visibility in the app store and help driving downloads.

Push Notifications


Push notifications are short and relevant messages that pop-up on your mobile screen. Once a user has completed the on-boarding process, but hasn’t returned to the app, or has added items to cart but not purchased them, sending a push notification could act as a subtle reminder. Push-notifications can prove to be an effective tool of communication between apps and users. Relevant push-notifications if sent at the right mobile moment can establish a strong connection between an app and its user.

Personalized Marketing

Non-contextual notifications would seldom yield any benefits. Segmenting users using funnels or cohorts is an effective way to group them by demographics like age, sex, city, previous purchases, their stage in the user life-cycle and other factors can aid personalized marketing. Personalized marketing can positively affect the user’s relationship with the app.


In-App Notifications

Notifications that establish instant contact user while he is still actively in your app are in-app notifications. This engagement method has analytics in its core. In-app notifications are contextual messages delivered to the user while he is still in the mobile moment. These notifications can improve user engagement and ROI while connecting the user with the app.

Real-time Business Insights

Analytics and data science can provide real-time insights about the user and where he stands in terms of the product lifecycle. Real-time updates about user activity can allow business to act on the mobile moment of the user by offering cashback, freebies, promo codes, suggestions and more… Relevant and real-time marketing engages the user better than generalized marketing directed to all.

Engagement analytics help businesses discover the interest level and stage of the user, by measuring the level and type of activities businesses can establish live and productive connect with the users.

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