5 tech-driven companies assisting marketers in the age of artificial intelligence and machine learning

Here is how 5 tech-driven companies and their tools that leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies are assisting present-day marketers

As global digital adoption continues to skyrocket, the world is in dire need of highly skilled marketers. Clearly, the website helps in creating an ever-connected, ubiquitous digital touchpoint – thereby opening avenues for higher sales and engagement. So, in the words of Neil Patel, you can’t just place a few ‘Buy’ buttons on your website and expect your visitors to buy. That is why there is something called ‘marketing’. Today, the rise of digital technologies has not merely benefitted the ultramodern customers, it has also come across as a boon in disguise for global marketers. Let us then quickly have a look at how a number of tech-driven companies and their tools that leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies are assisting present-day marketers.

 Qlik: If ‘data is the new oil’, Qlik easily comes across as an oil refinery for modern organizations. The data analytics and artificial intelligence-driven business intelligence solutions provider enables businesses to combine all of their incoming data and makes it analysis-ready for professionals across the board. This enables modern marketers throughout different levels of hierarchy to make informed decisions and hence, drive superior efficiency All internet adoption literally translates into social media adoption. And brands, being brands, have to be where their customers are. So, as more brands continue to ramp up their social media strategy, Conversational artificial intelligence solutions offered by are proving to be a game-changer for them. Primarily, the artificial intelligence assistants of enable marketers to automate interactions with their customers and drive higher engagement. Secondly, it helps them gather immaculate customer insights (for both current and prospective customers) and hence, better execute their marketing strategy.

Haptik: With its ‘lead bots’, ‘concierge bots’, ‘support bots’, and ‘feedback bots’, Haptik drives 10x better lead conversions, 35% higher customer retention, reduces annual costs by 90%, and increases the NPS score by 3.5 points. The full-stack enterprise platform adds value for a marketer on multiple levels with several features such as voice and text support, multilingual bots, chat-level analytics, and custom API and CRM Integrations

LogMeIn: Collaboration is an integral part of marketing and, so, this is precisely where LogMeIn’s communications solutions have a pivotal role to play. The artificial intelligence-driven unified communications platform provides a number of solutions that pave the way for seamless interactions and training solutions. The solutions offered by LogMeIn, further, are secured and easy-to-use, enabling marketing professionals throughout the spectrum.

Staqu: It is beyond doubt that recommendations without relevance and timing negatively impact the user experience and, as a result, lower a brand’s customer satisfaction. In this context, Staqu’s AI-driven Recommendation Engine enables e-commerce marketers to recommend better to their customers across a broad range of categories. Its multilingual and contextual content ensures that the products are well-positioned, thereby making both customers and brands (and with them, the marketers) more time-efficient and effective.

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