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5 schools offering Robotics Engineering in India

Automated machines, such as robots, have proven to be incredibly valuable in the modern day for a variety of applications, ranging from assisting humans around the house to industrial applications such as assembling and packing items and assisting doctors in completing intricate surgeries. While the area of robots was still in its infancy two years ago, the epidemic has dramatically increased its use and compelled businesses to use this technology to improve their bottom line.

As a result of these advancements in the field of robotics, many Indian colleges and universities are now offering high-quality robotics engineering courses. Learners can now choose between a master’s degree program in robotics and a bachelor’s degree program in robotics to get a head start in the robotics business.

Indian Institute Of Technology, Kanpur

  • Course Offered: M.Tech. in Robotics Engineering

In conjunction with the Centre for Robotics at IIT, Kanpur, the Mechanical Engineering Department of Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur offers an MTech and PhD program in robotics. This two-year course, taught by mechanical and electrical engineering professors, covers the design, testing, control, and implementation of robotics devices. Students undertake kinematic and dynamic analysis with simulation and build control laws for a simple robot after finishing this course. They will also be able to combine mechanical and electrical devices to create a working robots prototype.

Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

Courses Offered:

  • Foundations of Robotics
  • Design of Cyber-Physical Systems
  • Dynamics and Control of Smart Materials

The Indian Institute of Science (IISc) provides many robotics courses through the Robert Bosch Centre for Cyber-Physical Systems, a research and academic centre. The centre focuses on robotics systems that leverage advanced machine learning techniques for research and development. These courses will provide students with the necessary skills to pursue a career in the robotics sector, ranging from introductory robotics to building cyber-physical systems to manufacturing smart and intelligent materials.

BITS Pilani

Courses Offered:

  • Mechatronics and Automation
  • Mechanism and Robotics

BITS Pilani’s Centre for Robotics & Intelligent Systems (CRIS) offers a variety of robotics courses at the integrated first-year, higher-degree, and doctoral levels. In the department of robotics, BITS Pilani has produced several award-winning research. As a result, the institute’s courses are geared toward developing spectacular robotics projects for society. Robotics, Mechanism & Robotics, Mechatronics, Mechatronics and Automation, and more robotics courses are available. The institute is equipped with cutting-edge facilities that were created in partnership with robot manufacturers and provide hands-on experience in the industry.

Indian Institute of Information Technology, Allahabad

Courses Offered:

  • M. Tech in Robotics
  • Integrated M. Tech in Robotics
  • M. Tech- PhD. Dual Degree in Robotics

The Indian Institute of Information Technology, Allahabad (IIT-A) offers master’s degree and PhD level robotics courses through the Robita Facility, a specialised robotics lab. This course claims to provide students with an international standard robotics environment by addressing topics such as mathematical formulation of robotics, Computational Intelligence and Artificial Life Simulation, Data Mining and Warehousing, and comprehending Humanoid Robots.

These courses require a basic understanding of programming, algorithm, graphics, statistics, and communication in addition to BE and BTech scores. Students can work on a master’s thesis in robotics during the last semester of the program.

Jadavpur University

Courses Offered:

  • M. Tech in Intelligence Automation & Robotics

Jadavpur University in South Kolkata offers an MTech program in Intelligence Automation and Robotics through its Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering. Only 18 students are accepted into this three-year program, which offers a unique combination of automation and cognitive technology. This program is for students interested in building, controlling, and creating robotics systems. It focuses on automation, mathematical foundations, engineering theories, and practical implementation. GATE/GPAT or BE/BTech scores are used to determine admission to this program.


Authored by Tanisha Gupta.


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