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5 reasons why Cortana is worth the wait on Windows 10

Ever since the Windows 10 launch in the country, there has been a lot of hype and curiosity around Cortana, Microsoft’s very popular virtual assistant, and its expected arrival on the upgraded Windows version. Though there is still some time till the much-touted feature is rolled out on Windows 10 in India, as the excitement builds up, let’s look at what makes Cortana a feature that is so worth waiting for.


Some very useful tasks Cortana can perform on Windows 10;

1. Looking for a document, Cortana can search for you

If you are trying to find a particular document, tell Cortana the document name and she will start searching it for you. If you can’t recall the document name, you can make contextual searches asking for documents from the last week or say last month, and she will present you a list of documents that matches your instructions.

Search documents with CortanaDQINDIA Online | DATAQUEST

Also you can ask her to do a web search if you are looking for a specific information and Cortana will search the Web for you.


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