5 Platforms Solving Critical Business Needs of Fast-growing Enterprises

Several platforms are helping India’s fast-growing enterprises better manage their ventures and achieve the aspirational business growth

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Enterprises today are cornered with the ever-changing business landscapes and a growing competition, both from the industry incumbents and start-ups. The evolving ecosystem requires enterprises to remain ahead of the curve and always prepared for the unexpected. With the ever tightening grip and growing stakes, several platforms have come up to offer selective services to the fast-growing enterprises. From enterprise communication to cyber-security, tech consulting and more, these platforms are helping India’s fast-growing enterprises better manage their ventures and achieve the aspirational business growth.


Enterprise Communication made easy with Telebu

Effective communication between team members or the business and its key stakeholders is oftentimes the biggest challenge. In the present age, teams are remotely spread out and communicating with disparate teams often results in time lags and other inefficiencies. However, designing communication products for today’s enterprises, Hyderabad-based Telebu offers plausible solutions.

With its marquee product and audio conferencing solution, grptalk, Telebu allows instant conferencing (dial-out calls) for enterprises. The cost-effective solution removes any delays in conference calls, with the participants only having to answer the call from the bridge, not requiring any pin code, password etc. Furthermore, grptalk offers easy connectivity even in areas with low network coverage and easily connecting conference calls anywhere between 3 to 10,000+ participants.


Other enterprise solution products by Telebu include bulk text and voice SMS solution, in-bound and out-bound call centre software, emergency alert system, and API platform.

A trustworthy tech partner: Cybage

Tech consulting has the potential for opening hidden vistas for the start-ups, mid-size companies and large-scale enterprises. To the same end, Cybage solves complex problems for its clients using new-generation technologies for Cloud, Mobility, E-commerce, Data Analytics, Social Collaboration, and enables enterprise-wide digital transformation.


Working with the world's best Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), the solution by Cybage is focused on modern technologies, and is enabled by a scientific, data-driven system called DecisionMines for Digital Excellence. This unique model de-risks the approach, provides better predictability, and ensures a better value per unit cost.

Invoice Discounting & Financing via Priority Vendor

Whether you are an enterprise dealing with multiple suppliers or a vendor fulfilling orders of large companies, invoice discounting and financing can radically transform and optimise everyday operations. Suppliers struggling with no clarity on when to expect the payment, as typically the payments may take up to 60 days once the goods or services are delivered, or enterprises being chased for timely payments, both can find suitable solutions at Priority Vendor.


As India’s largest early payment platform, Priority Vendor not only helps enterprises with e-invoicing but also helps them in securing capital against approved invoices, either through early payments or invoice discounting. Large corporates can further ensure the optimum financial health of their supply chain, by leveraging these solutions. With its AI-engine, the platform offers the most competitive and deep discounts for supply chain financing.

Artificially Intelligent Cyber Defence with Paladion

Cyber criminals are out on a prowl, and they are targeting present day’s fast-growing enterprises. Since businesses have a lot to lose, i.e. their reputation and important customer data, they make up for the best targets for online nefarious activity. Thus, enterprises of today need to anticipate, detect, and respond to current threats (such as ransomware) and cyber incidents.


To the same end, Paladion leverage AI in its Managed Detection and Response service to provide high-speed cyber defence. The platform not only protects the enterprise from cyber-attacks by quick response but also detects the threats emerging pre-handed.

Securing BYOD for enterprises with Seqrite

The business landscape is embracing BYOD-led work culture to enhance productivity, ensure seamless interoperability, and improve employee convenience. Employees feel comfortable working on their own devices, while smartphones have become integral to business environments. However, the same enhances security risks due to inadequate security measures or use jailbroken/rooted devices.

The Enterprise Mobility Management portfolio by Seqrite manages the same by offering two cloud-based solutions, MobiSMART and mSuite. The solutions have been designed to provide comprehensive control over mobile devices accessing the network and data of enterprises, helping them be completely secured against multiple entry points to company’s online architecture.

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