5 LinkedIn tips you may not have heard of

From turning your LinkedIn profile into a resume, adding videos to your profile and creating your own personalized URL, here is a list of 5 LinkedIn tips guaranteed to bring a smile to your face

#1 Turn your LinkedIn profile into a resume

Your LinkedIn profile is one of the most powerful ways that can be used to demonstrate the potential of your professional abilities.

LinkedIn Resume Builder

Use LinkedIn’s Resume Builder tool to quickly turn your LinkedIn profile into a resume:


You can choose a template, edit and export your profile as a PDF which can be later used for printing, e-mailing or just sharing.

#2 Personalize your public profile URL

Many of us who want to share our personal profile on LinkedIn have to share a URL with a number of characters attached to our URL.


Customize LinkedIn Profile URL

If you want to simplify this, go to:


Now, on the right hand side, you will get an option titled, Customize your Public Profile

Scroll down, and you will see an option titled, Your Public Profile ID.

Type your desired name in the empty field after in.linkedin.com/in/ …………………………….

Save your profile. After 5 minutes or so, enter the url now, in.linkedin.com/in/jamessouza

(assuming the desired name is jamessouza)

Your custom LinkedIn URL is ready. Now, you can share your personal LinkedIn profile easily

#3 Add videos, images, documents and presentations to your LinkedIn profile

Did you know that you can add a variety of different documents to enhance your LinkedIn profile.

You can use this option to showcase the creativity or diversity of your work.
Learn how to do this here:


#4 Rearrange sections on your profile

Based on your preference, you can also re-arrange or remove sections on your LinkedIn profile . Go to the edit mode and hover your mouse over the two sided arrow option to enable the option of ‘Drag to re-arrange your profile sections’

Rearrange profile sections on LinkedIn

#5 Get the best out of your LinkedIn account by exploring free LinkedIn webinars

LinkedIn Learning webinars allows one to attend free online presentations. You must register at least 24 hours in advance to receive the confirmation email containing instructions on how to join your session.

Learning Webinars are listed on LinkedIn’s page.

For more details, check:



Source: Technology Innovations Blog (Reproduced with permission)

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