5 areas where Drones are making a huge impact

Prerna Sharma
New Update
IIT Kanpur

" If we wait until we're ready, we will be waiting for the rest of our lives," says Lemony Snicket. And these lines are so apt for today's fast moving tech world, where in every second new innovations are taking birth. Those who have adopted in first go are extracting  its benefits on large scale. One of the biggest examples is Drone, which has beautifully showed its presence outside battlefield too.


For instance, the Panna Tiger Reserve in Madhya Pradesh has tested this technology to keep track of both tigers and poachers. Even in Uttrakhand, as thousands died in the worst floods, the National Disaster Management Authority had used four unmanned aerial vehicles to scan areas that were impossible for rescue workers to reach.

According to some experts, drones can be used for a variety of humanitarian  purposes. Let’s take a look at some of the areas  where these flying machines are revolutionizing the world around us.

1. Drones For Agricultural Crop Surveillance


A yellow crop duster spraying a potato field

In the past, farmers use to knew which area is ready for harvest or which area has less water, just by walking around their land. But today farmers need accurate and timely actions for better results. However, with the help of drones, farmers are able to take snapshots of their fields along with various data about the soil and crops.

Further, drones are used for crop surveillance which automatically increase farm crop yields while minimizing the cost of walking the fields. The drones geo-tag the images and wirelessly transmit them, along with all the data, to a computer or tablet that help the farmers analyze the crops condition even during cloudy days.


2. Drones to keep eye on wildlife species


Keeping an eye on the movement of endangered species and poachers in the forest has always been a tedious task for the forest department.But with the help of drones, it has become easy to keep a tab on areas where human interference was impossible. Recently, the Panna Tiger Reserve in Madhya Pradesh has tested them to keep track of both tigers and poachers. The drone to be deployed in the reserver is two meters long and one meters  in width. It weighs nearly 2 kg, and is equipped with sensitive cameras and flies at a speed of 50 km per hour.


3. Drones Changing the face of Retail Industry


The Indian retail industry, the fifth largest in the world, accounts for over 10% of the country's GDP. Today,retailers are experimenting with different technologies to explore how these can help provide superior shopping experiences to their customers. Many retailers have understood that they can only survive if they can become pioneer in the logistic race.


Many players have understood the potential and benefits of drones like speedy

delivery,relatively low cost and inordinately efficient, could cut costs in demand for manpower and transportation. Retailers like Amazon are using drones for consumers with their new Drone Store, which caters to hobbyists and independent photographers.

4. Drones for disaster planning, response and relief operations

earthquake 2


Drone technology may be the future of disaster response and recovery, according to a new study commissioned by the American Red Cross.The report outlined a number of applications for drone use in disaster relief efforts including for reconnaissance and mapping, structural assessment, temporary infrastructure/supply delivery, detection and extinguishing of wildfires, high-rise building fire response, assisting in a chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear or explosive (CBRNE) event, search and rescue operations, insurance claims response and risk assessment, and logistics support.

5. Drone to repair potholes and street light


Experts believe that in future, drones will able to identify problems with utility pipes, street  lights and roads and fix them. This will automatically have minimal environmental impact and  disruption to the public.

drones drones-for-agricultural-crop-surveillance drones-to-keep-eye-on-wildlife-species drones-changing-the-face-of-retail-industry drones-for-disaster-planning response-and-relief-operations drone-to-repair-potholes-and-street-lights