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5 apps that can help you to keep your New Year resolutions on track

It’s a known fact that making resolutions is one thing, but adhering to them is another, rather a much harder deal. No matter how good or beneficial they are, most of us forget all about our resolutions after the first week. Luckily, here’s a list of 5 apps and websites that can help you stay on top of your goals.

For the fitness freaks- Fitocracy – This app uses game-like statistics to increase the users’ dedication for workout. This is a social app which is great to track your workouts, share your progress and post a status with other people in the community. There are also many resources and videos available for fitness enthusiasts such as swimmers, cyclists or weightlifters.

Available on- iOS, Android, Website


For the knowledge hunters- Coursera – Coursera is an online education platform that partners with top universities and organizations worldwide, to offer 1,500+ courses online for anyone to take. Currently, Coursera has more than 1.3 million Indian learners enrolled in various courses. It provides courses like Nutrition, Dog emotion & Cognition, Poetry workshops, History, Greening the economy etc. that can help you stay on top of your goals by taking up related courses.

Available on- iOS, Android, Website


For the spendthrifts- Money View – This app manages your entire personal finances by analysing your phone messages that you receive from banks or billers. It automatically tracks expenses, income, bills and account balance for your financial accounts. In its continuous effort to make India financially fit, Money View has launched its New Year Resolution Campaign #NazariyaBadlo to urge Indians to change their outlook towards money and manage it in a simple, smart and secure way.

Available on- Android

 For the smartphone addicts- BreakFree – This is a revolutionary app that will help you maintain a controlled digital lifestyle. It monitors phone and app usage and tracks how addicted you are to your phone and apps. It calculates an “addiction score” based on these metrics, and will send reminders suggesting you slow down when your use is on the rise.

Available on- iOS, Android


 For the lazy-bones- Stickk – This is a website which lets users set up a “commitment contract” where they agree to achieve a certain goal, such as losing weight, exercising more, quitting smoking, or conserving energy. They sign a legally binding contract that will send their money to third parties, including either individuals or a number of organizations and charities. While using Stickk, people put their money where their mouth is to achieve their goals.

Available on- iOS, Android, Website


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