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4 interesting robots made in India

While countries around the world are extensively experimenting with robotics, India is still lagging behind. Despite the fact that robotic development and research hasn’t really picked in the country, there have been some projects that are definitely noteworthy.

Dataquest takes a look at four interesting robots developed and made in India:

1. Manav


India’s First 3D Printed Humanoid Robot, Manav, stands about two-feet tall, weighs 2 kgs, and is powered by 21 servos. With two cameras in its eye sockets and two mikes on either side of its head, Manav has in-built vision and sound processing capability, enabling it to talk and act exactly like a human. The robot can perform tasks like walking, talking and dancing, without the help of a laptop, just in response to human commands. It can also perform activities like headstands, push-ups, and can also play football.

Developed by Diwakar Vaish, Head of Robotics and Research at A-SET Training and Research Institute in New Delhi, the robot was unveiled at Techfest at IIT Bombay held in January.

Primarily meant for research purposes, Manav is priced at Rs 1.5 and 2.5 lakh (much lesser price as compared to other commercial robots available in India) and is targeted at educational institutions that offer robotics as a subject.

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