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4 cases depicting the ‘real’ healthcare world

From widespread adoption of EMR, to telemedicine, robotic surgery, mobile technology and big data, etc, the healthcare industry is benefiting in multi dimensions


 Metropolis Healthcare

Today as far as the pathology business of Metropolis Healthcare is concerned, they have
over 600 analyzers and all samples are tested using quality audited machines. The machines are first selected based on international best practices in domain and are then used for sample testing.

They are one of the few laboratories that have received the CAP and NABL accreditation and all their business processes are complied with quality assurance to ensure the accurate reports are delivered to the end patient. They do more than 4,500 tests in almost all the domains and to support such a deep rooted process, it is a must to have a quality framework in place. The hospital has got nearly 6,000 SOPs related to these tests and have policy for all the tests.

The hospital follows six sigma policies in which every sample is bar-coded properly for identity management and identity linking. All the machines are interfaced so that the data from the machine is picked up automatically with the middle software and then integrated with the main LIMS software. So, in this case there is no human intervention and all the business processes are weaven around accuracy.

—Ajit Dixit, Senior Vice President, Metropolis Healthcare

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