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4 cases depicting the ‘real’ healthcare world

From widespread adoption of EMR, to telemedicine, robotic surgery, mobile technology and big data, etc, the healthcare industry is benefiting in multi dimensions


Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital

We are privileged to be on the higher acceptability and rollout in terms of IT in the hospital. We have an EMR working in the hospital with high level of usage and have integrated RIS & LIS. This HIS from iSoft is integrated with all pathology analyzers and RIS is interfaced with Agfa PACS and advanced visualization from Siemens and Myrian besides the EMR for clinicians.

Information to the doctors is available in the proverbial sense at click of a button. We are exploring Beacon technology to make patient navigation easier in the hospital. And we would like to keep going on this gravy train to make clinicians spend more time with patients and focusing on outcomes and making patients smile. IT is part of the hospital strategy and the backbone of the hospital. We are now looking at analytics, as well.

We have had telemedicine center in the hospital for years. We have setup a few of remote centers for Telemedicine and do referrals post treatment at the hospital. However, we are seeing a small trend in terms of consult from remote centers before patients come for treatment to the hospital.

The process adds to the confidence building for the patient towards the doctor in the hospital and thereby reducing anxiety levels of the patient relatives. We are in the process of setting up more remote centers.

The other trend which is slowly happening is patient referrals from outside India. The telemedicine has provided them with a level of comfort that they are going to good institute and will have great outcomes. This is a slow growth area, as the patients like to meet the doctors face to face and get a better feel of the treatment plan and expected outcomes. However, the numbers are low currently but is expected to grow.

—Rajesh Batra, VP-IT, Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital


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