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4 cases depicting the ‘real’ healthcare world

From widespread adoption of EMR, to telemedicine, robotic surgery, mobile technology and big data, etc, the healthcare industry is benefiting in multi dimensions


 Asian Hospital

In order to give a better experience to its patients, Asian Hospital has an IVR solution to enhance patient care and provide them with timely information that is vital for their health. Multiple IVR solutions as per the requirement is set on the basis of different sugar levels of different patients. Every patient has a unique ID number. As the patient calls at the virtual number and inputs his/her sugar levels the IVR provides right information of the dosage for the particular patient, which is calculated at the backend on the basis of his/her
data. And in cases, where sugar value seemed to be critical, the patient is suggested to take advice from their doctor.

This ensures easy and timely check on the patient’s sugar level, hence saving from the last minute happenings. The solution also offers a missed call service and whenever a missed call is placed, an IVR script is initiated with a set of extension numbers in multiple languages. A total of 24 virtual numbers for missed call services are placed in the Asian Hospital. This gives callers the option to choose the right language and connect to the right department. The solution also provides round the clock service and a ‘Thank You’ SMS is sent to every customer after the call gets disconnected.

—Shuvankar Pramanick, GM,  Asian Hospital

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