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4 cases depicting the ‘real’ healthcare world

From widespread adoption of EMR, to telemedicine, robotic surgery, mobile technology and big data, etc, the healthcare industry is benefiting in multi dimensions


Medanta is the first major hospital in the country to launch paid online video consultation service over the web. Having its telemedicine footprint in 53 countries, Medanta has
done over 10,000 video-based consultations out of which 20% are for international patients seeking experts’ opinion.

The hospital is also a telemedicine-enabled primary healthcare provider to 59 rural centers in the common services center network, a Government of India initiative. Additionally, Medanta is a design and implementation partner to the Central Asia e-Network, a Ministry of External Affairs initiative to facilitate medical tourism through telemedicine. Medanta joined the Vattikutti Foundation USA, to launch India’s first multispecialty multi-modality Institute for robotic surgery in November 2010 covering cardiac, urology, gynecology, and other super specialty surgeries.

It equips the surgeon with 3D HD visualization of the anatomy with enhanced dexterity, precision, and control with superior ergonomics and real-time interface from the robotic arm operating to the surgeon at the console to perform seamless surgeries.

It facilitates complex surgeries with minimum invasion reducing pain, trauma and the chances of infection which results in shorter hospital stay, benefiting the patient and enabling his/her early return to a normal life. Medanta has performed more than 1,800 robotic surgeries, the highest in Asia till date.

To capitalize technological advancement in mobile space, Medanta is developing an app for care providers to place orders from their smartphones or tablets. These orders will appear in the work list at the point of execution for faster/better patient care while having convenience of one-click-order at the point of service. Additionally, Medanta is in process of launching a patient and physician facing app that allow them to view various reports of lab, radiology and consultations. This app would be the mobile EMR for the patient.

– Rajiv Sikka, Head of Information Technology, Medanta

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