36. CMS: Computers The Alarm is Ringing...

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Mumbai-based hardware maintenance and services company registered a meager growth of 3% in fiscal 2000-01, compared to the previous year. It earned Rs 326

crore, only marginally above the Rs 317 crore earned last year. It was in the last quarter that CMS fared worst, as more and more of its clients turned “cautious and tight-pursed” in the aftermath of the slowdown and bargained for lower rates. CMS, however, managed to enter new areas: smart-card production, development of

WAP-enabled portals and e-commerce.

CMS secured some outsourcing projects from banks, financial institutions and utility firms, primarily in the field of statement printing. It also entered the ASP space by hosting JD Edwards’ ERP application and bagged a project to network the

NSE, apart from a systems integration project called ‘Twin City’ in

Hyderabad, part of the e-governance initiative there. The company plans to enter the SAN and broadband spaces. The company’s main weakness is that its services are targeted at only

corporates, not at the fast-growing small office, home office or other industry segment. 

  • Bagged a project to network the NSE
  • Entered smart card production and e-commerce space
  • Outsourcing projects from banks and financial institutuions kept order book position at respectable levels
  • Storage area networks and broadband infrasctructure is the new target segment

PRODUCTS & SERVICES: Systems integration, systems, networking, training

ADDRESS: 201, Arcadia, Nariman Point, Mumbai 400021 TEL: 2851580, 2834493, 2834494

FAX: 2042734 WEBSITE: