26 COGNIZANT TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS – Converting Opportunities

+cogn.jpg (13193 bytes)CEO: Lakshmi

Narayanan ‡ PRODUCTS AND SERVICES: Software Development,
Consultancy ‡ START-UP YEAR: 1994 ‡ EMPLOYEES: 1174 ‡ QUALITY
CERTIFICATION: ISO 9001 ‡ ADDRESS: No. 38-39, Whites Road, Chennai 600086 ‡ TEL:
8270063 ‡ FAX: 8262507 ‡ WEB SITE: www.dbss.co


  • Grew by 241 percent on annual revenues.
  • 40 percent revenues from Y2K projects.
  • 13 percent software export revenues from Europe.

From Rs 47 crore in 1996-97 to Rs 113.16 crore in 1997-98, this has been a
phenomenal growth for Cognizant Technology Solutions (CTS). With Cognizant Corp.’s
take-over of Dun & Bradstreet, and buy-back of Satyam Computer Services’ shares, Dun
& Bradstreet Satyam has become Cognizant Technology Solutions India (P) Ltd. The
company’s 241 percent growth came in mainly because of its focused approach in niche

Its investments in building up core competencies in these areas, over the last few
years, paid rich dividends for the company last year. Onsite development contributed 51.6
percent of the total, with off-shore software development fetching in another 48.4
percent. Major software revenues came in from the US, which alone contributed to 85.6
percent, followed by Europe at 13 percent. The Asia-Pacific region added up the rest.

Last year, the company identified and strategized its businesses into six major
operations: Application Development, Application Maintenance Support, Y2K compliance, Euro
currency compliance,

Test and Quality Assurance, and Rehosting and Reengineering. Globalization was another
key strategy the company adopted last year, and made inroads in the European market-with
about 13 percent of its software exports revenues coming from Euro currency compliance
projects. Almost 40 percent of its revenues came in from Y2K projects alone. Last year,
the company set up development centers at Calcutta and Pune in addition to its existing
four software development centers at Chennai.

A major effort taken up by CTS was the investment of $ 3 million to provide seamless
operational models for clients, thereby establishing world-class infrastructure. This
included development of an extensive communication and technology infrastructure enabling
seamless integration of its onsite and off-shore workforces, permitting team members in
different locations to access common project information.

For the fiscal year 1998-99, CTS is concentrating on three key vertical areas: Health
Care, Insurance, and Media. The objective is to have pre-packaged solutions in these
areas. And with all these activities, the company is targeting a Rs 200 crore revenue for
1998-99. The company is also heading for the SEI Level 4 certification this year.

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