25. Patni Computer Systems: E-com Is Paying Off

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Mumbai-based company bounced back with a growth of 73%, its revenues surging from Rs 300 to Rs 519

crore. This was in sharp contrast with the previous year’s growth of 28%. Operations were ramped up in the e-commerce applications space, which contributed over 20% of the revenues, having settled at sub-4% levels last year. The embedded systems software segment didn’t really take off, contributing only Rs 8



The big money spinner continued to be maintenance, accounting for nearly 43% of the revenues. The company further reduced its exposure to the domestic segment, which contributed a mere Rs 3.1 crore against fiscal 1999-00’s Rs 4.6

crore. Over 99% of the turnover came from software exports, with the onsite-offshore ratio being 68:32. The US remained the biggest contributor, with 80% of export revenues, followed by Europe (13%). Japan made up another 5%. The company also hired 1,500 people, taking the total employee head-count up to 4,052, against 2,529 last year. Productivity, however, improved only marginally–from Rs 11.9 lakh per employee to Rs 12.8


  • Beat back pre-2000 blues with a growth of 73%, well above the industry average
  • Maintenance remained the biggest revenue earner with a share of 43%, even as e-com grew five-fold
  • Software exports made up 99% of the topline, with the US accounting for 80% of exports earnings
MD: Nirmal Jain START-UP YEAR: 1978

PRODUCTS & SERVICES: Software development, systems integration, education and manufacturing

ADDRESS: Manish Commercial Center, 216, Dr Anne Besant Road,

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