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[24] Looking to Hire over 5000 People Across India

[24] is looking to hire over 5000 people across its India, and the total headcount in India for FY22 will be around 8500 said the company

[24] announced that it is ramping up its hiring across India. The company will be adding close to 5000 people to its workforce, taking its employee strength in India to over 8,500 people. The company has taken the hiring process completely online. Since the onset of the COVID19 pandemic, the HR team sources candidate profiles via social media, employee referrals, consultants and applications through job portals. The onboarding and induction process is largely online. [24] is hiring for permanent roles across Customer Care Executives for Voice, Chat and Blended Process to manage clients worldwide. Being equipped to manage this process completely online opens up avenues for the company to hire people sitting anywhere in the country, and enabling them to work remotely.

Currently, over 80% of [24] employees are working from home to support all functions at the company across the world. To ensure that work processes aren’t affected, and the experience is seamless, [24] is providing employees with fully-loaded and compatible computers, corporate broadband and mobile phone reimbursements. In these challenging times, employee wellness is key. The company provides ergonomic furniture to ensure that employees do not feel a physical strain of working from home.

[24] has also addressed security and compliance issues for remote access of client data. The company has deployed AI-powered monitoring that can verify workspace and transaction compliance, two areas of heightened security risk for remote agents. With employees working from home, it is essential to keep them motivated.  [24] revamped its employee initiatives to ensure that employees stay motivated, engaged, and do not suffer a burnout. Over the last few months, the company has also rolled out a host of initiatives to keep employees and their families safe as well as take care of those in need of support.

Nina Nair – senior vice president and HRD Head, India & Americas, [24] said: “We always had this belief that the physical work space was the center of effective action, this belief was tested with the pandemic but it also made us aware that Work is about what we do and how we do it and not necessarily about where …We have learnt that we are increasingly mobile and can execute with excellence, virtually. The most striking thing in the last many months is to experience the resilience and adaptability of our team mates and our collective will to succeed.”

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