22. PENTAMEDIA GRAPHICS: Paradise Retained

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With a 27,000-sq feet imaging center with 3D, SFX and post-production studios in

Chennai, apart from studios in the US, Manila and Singapore, the company was adjudged the number one computer animation company by the Robi Roncarelli Report this year, up from number three in 1999-00.




  • Workforce doubled, but after consolidation, number of offices went down to 12
  • The US accounted for 79% of revenues, APAC made up another 13%

In fiscal 1999-00, the company almost doubled its workforce while consolidating operations and reducing the total number of offices from 20 to 12. Its London office, for instance, now handles the European region. The reorganization was driven by the fact that over 20% of the global animation market is in Europe, where the company is now seeking alliances and partnerships. Plans for this region include the setting up of a studio in the UK. However, 79% of its revenues came from the US, even as it beefed up presence in the APAC region (13% of revenues). Also visible were signs of improving presence in the domestic market, which gave it close to 5% of revenues. The company grew by 41% to Rs 552

crore, but net profits dipped by 10% to Rs 154 crore. 

Chairman & CEO: V Chandrasekaran

START-UP YEAR: 1976 PRODUCTS & SERVICES: Multimedia services, 2D/3D special effects and animation for films and broadcasting

COLLABORATIONS: IBM, Silicon Graphics, Eastman Kodak, Apple, Discreet Logic

EMPLOYEES: 2,122 BRANCH OFFICES: 12 ADDRESS: 1, First Main Road, United India Colony,

Kodambakkam, Chennai 600024

TEL: 4833067/4839835/4839854 FAX: 4340862 WEBSITE: