21. Global Tele-systems: Global Transitions

DQI Bureau
New Update

This former telecom products company moved to telecom services years ago. Now, it’s gradually made another transition–to IT services and engineering, with services revenues from business apps, software, Internet business infrastructure and engineering services. Global Tele-Systems posted revenues of nearly Rs 815

crore, of which Dataquest estimates that Rs 560 crore came from IT-related services.




  • Big shift to software and e-services
  • Set up data and call centers
  • Manages turnkey telecom and network projects
  • Likely future DQ Top 20 player

(GTL’s annual report puts Rs 254 crore under telecom and related engineering services, including turnkey telecom projects and network management. We removed this part for the DQ ranking. GTL did inform us that this included IT services and that “telecom” really referred to “enterprise”. This year, however, in the absence of details, we went by the book–the annual report.)

The major chunk of this IT-related revenue, Rs 410 crore, came from software services. This includes consulting, IPR revenues, and products. This division offers software and e-com solutions for all segments. Business application services include a CRM suite, and e-processing to automate processes such as procurement and inventory. 

Executive Vice Chairman: Manoj Tirodkar  START-UP YEAR: 1987

PRODUCTS & SERVICES: Software services, Engineering services and Application Services

EMPLOYEES: 2,087 Address: 412, Janmabhomi chambers, 29 Walchand Hirachand Marg, Ballard Estate, Mumbai 400038

TEL: 2613010 FAX: 2619649 WEBSITE: