173. Ashtech Infotech

The fortunes of this Mumbai-based distributor have been seesawing over the past few years, and 2000-01 was no better, with revenues falling to Rs 29.5
crore, from Rs 31 crore in the previous year. Growth was at a negative 6%, compared to 95% in the previous year. The company is a regional player, considering that 98% of its total revenues come from the western region. More than half its revenues came from selling systems, while a third came from SOHO segment.


  • Revenues slide by 6% to Rs 29.5 crore
  • A third of revenues from SOHO segment
MD: Saurin Shah  START-UP YEAR: 1993 
Distribution of systems, peripherals, networking, packaged software
BRANCHES: 2 ADDRESS: G5, Laxmi Woollen Mill Estate, Shakti Mill Lane,
Mahalaxmi, Mumbai 400011
TEL: 4963311 FAX: 4963300 WEBSITE: www.ashinfo.com

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