15 Fastest Growing Jobs in India that are in Demand

Fastest growing jobs in India, that are increasingly in demand, have been released by online professional network LinkedIn

LinkedIn unveiled a new job-seeker research that revealed that despite the pandemic, India’s workforce is optimistic about the future of work, and 82% are considering changing their jobs in 2022. The report also went on to reveal 15 fastest growing jobs in India that have experienced the highest growth rates from January 2017 through July 2021. 

With businesses looking to further evolve their digital footprint in 2022, the list spotlights a growing demand for highly skilled IT workers (Site Reliability Engineer, Data Science Specialist, Machine Learning Engineer) and business development talent (Affiliate Marketing Specialist, Business Development Representative, Strategy Associate). The list also reveals that the healthcare sector is looking to fill vacancies for Wellness Specialists and Molecular Biologists who can mitigate the COVID-19 crisis and help businesses and communities to shelter from the pandemic.

“The pandemic has spurred people to rethink their careers and look for new job opportunities to meet their renewed purpose and priorities in life. As confidence in new opportunities grows, it is evident that the Great Reshuffle in India is clearly being led by job seekers, and talent is in the driver’s seat right now — with flexibility as their no. 1 priority today. Our Jobs on the Rise list shows that the demand for tech savvy talent is growing hotter across the IT, healthcare, and business development sectors. In this evolving labour market, there is no better time for us to launch a ‘Jobs Bootcamp’ — a series of LinkedIn Live events with career experts who will share career advice and job-seeking tips, the fastest-growing jobs list, the Top Voices: Career Experts List, and unlock a range of Learning courses that can help job-seekers build key skills to find their next opportunity in 2022,” shares Ankit Vengurlekar, India Managing Editor, LinkedIn News.

Top 15 Fastest Growing Jobs in India 

  1. Affiliate Marketing Specialist.
  2. Site Reliability Engineer.
  3. Molecular Biologist.
  4. Wellness Specialist.
  5. User Experience Researcher.
  6. Machine Learning Engineer.
  7. Recruitment Associate.
  8. Data Science Specialist.
  9. Chief Legal Officer.
  10. Ebusiness Manager.
  11. Back End Developer.
  12. Media Buyer.
  13. Strategy Associate.
  14. Business Development Representative.
  15. Service Analyst.

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