15. Celetron India: Consolidated Inc

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The company didn’t exist in its present shape last year. This year, however, it marked its entry into the Top 20, a merger initiative by chairman ML Tandon triggering a sharp turn in numbers. Celetron India, a consolidation of Tancom Electronics, Advance Technology Devices and Celetron Circuits, recorded revenues of Rs 836 crore for 2000-01, up from Rs 348 crore in 1999-00, a growth of 140%. The manufacturing divisions were earlier separate companies under the Tandon Group. Post-merger, Celetron has positioned itself as a global electronics manufacturing solutions company.



  • Strength: Skill-sets in precision manufacturing in electro-magnetic and PC boards, and design and application engineering capabilities
  • Weakness: High dependence on the East Asian region
  • Opportunity: Optical packaging, power supply design and manufacturing, memory modules
  • Threat: Chinese and East Asian companies, which can ship products to this region at lower freight rates 



  • Head stack assemblies made up almost 98% of the total revenues
  • All of its revenues came from exports
  • JFM 2001 was the best, bringing in Rs 257 crore



PRODUCTS & SERVICES: Winchester head stack assemblies and sub-assemblies, memory modules, voice coils, PCBs


ADDRESS: Unit 9, SDF-I, SEEPZ, Andheri (East), Mumbai 400096 TEL:

8291919-22 FAX: 8291176 


As has been the tradition at Tandon, the company earned all its revenues from exports. The quarter when the slowdown made its appearance, Q3, was, ironically, the best for the company, bringing in Rs 257 crore. The company’s biggest

revenue-earner was head stack assemblies, which brought in Rs 816 crore. Among other product lines, voice coil assemblies contributed Rs 9.8 crore, memory modules Rs 8.8 crore and head gimble assemblies another Rs 1.6 crore. Across these product lines, the company sold 17.3 million units in the fiscal under review.

Celetron increased its capacity for manufacture of head stacks. It also introduced GMR technology, which creates heads capable of handling up to 100 GB media. For switching power supplies, it designed 150-watt and 300-watt versatile models, which have been certified for safety, and an 800-watt power supply is under design. It also manufactured coils for smart-cards and for integration in hard disk drives.

The company was voted the most preferred vendor by Western Digital Corp–one of its many Fortune 500 clients. Other clients are Allied Telesyn and Alteon Web Systems. As for its strengths, Celetron insists that the key driver is precision manufacturing of electro-magnetic and PC boards, apart from design and application engineering.

The company foresees the freight it needs to pay to move products in and out of the East Asian region as an area of concern, since most of its dealings are centered on these countries. Another threat is China, which has a high amount of investment flowing in. Celetron sees the synergistic merger of the three Tandon Group companies, and investments that it will get from private placements in the US, as one of its strong points, one that should help it tap new markets.