145. IIHT

This Bangalore-based training firm posted revenues of Rs 40.1 crore in 2000-01, a growth of 43.2%. Net profit, at Rs 4.6
crore, was up 31% over the previous year. The JFM quarter (Q4) saw the most revenues of Rs 11.3 crore coming in. The primary focus of the company was on individual training, while corporate training accounted for just 10% of overall revenues. Major clients were from the manufacturing, banking and finance and government segments.


  • Revenues grow 43% to Rs 40 crore
  • Net profit was up by a healthy 31%
MD: N Keshava Raju 
Start-up Year: 1992  Products: Training and Educational Systems
Branches: 106  Employees: 201  Address: No. 56, Shirdi Sai Baba Road, Cambridge Layout, Bangalore 560008
TEL: 5511242/5545474/5561995  Fax: 5561935 
Website: www.iiht.com

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