127. Transys Technologies

Transys Technologies recorded a turnover of Rs 51.5 crore. The company has set up a development center in
Chennai, the nerve center for its offshore operations. The company conducts its software services operations through turnkey project execution, application system maintenance and
datawarehousing. Keeping with current trends, Transys is focusing on Web-enabled and e-commerce applications. The company has two ventures–TransEd and


  • Revenues at Rs 55.4 crore, growth of 42% 
  • New development center in Chennai
MD: Babu Thiagarajan START-UP YEAR: 1997 
PRODUCTS: Software development  BRANCHES:
EMPLOYEES: 142  ADDRESS: 140, Marshalls Road,
Egmore, Chennai 600 008 
TEL: 8413199  FAX: 8592508  WEBSITE:

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