119. Kshema Technologies

Bangalore-based Kshema Technologies has grown from a mere Rs 1 crore to Rs 57.3 crore in just five years. Last year alone, it grew by over 164%. Gross profits grew by 84% while the net grew by 75% to Rs 13.8
crore. However, downturn pressure saw operating margins fell from 33% to 25.3%. The software and services export company got nearly 40% of its income from on-site development and increased presence in Europe, with 16% of export revenues coming from there.


  • From Rs 1 crore to Rs 57 crore in 5 years
  • Presence in Europe is increasing rapidly
President & CEO: Anant R
Start-up year: 1997  Products and Services:
software services 
Employees: 532  Branch Offices:Address:
33/1, Lal Bag 
Tel:2995114/5/6  Fax: 2272933 Website: www.kshema.com

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