116. Software Technology Group

For Software Technology Group, Year 2000-01 saw a revenue growth of 59%, up to Rs 58 crore (DQ estimates) against last year’s Rs 36.5
crore. The company focused on globalization and set up a subsidiary in Australia for training, software development and
resourcing. Training centers were also set up in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal. STG acquired a 60% stake in US-based Software Technology Inc, a company engaged in the business of training and consultancy.


  • Revenues grew by 59% to Rs 58 crore
  • ISO 9001 for design and development
CEO: Suresh Nanda  START-UP YEAR: 1994 
PRODUCTS: Software education and development  BRANCHES: 11 
ADDRESS: NG House, 176 Gautam Nagar, New Delhi 110049 TEL: 6859798 
FAX: 6965949
WEBSITE: www.stgintl.com  

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