11 Indian Languages now available on Indic Keyboard Swalekh Flip for iOS


More than 900 million Indians speak 11 Indian languages Hindi, Bangla, Telugu, Marathi, Tamil, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Odia, Punjabi and Assamese. Many want the convenience of typing in their language natively or phonetically. Reverie Language Technologies’ Android app Indic Keyboard Swalekh Flip is now available in all these 11 Indian languages as a free download on iOS’ App Store. Swalekh empowers the iPhone users to type in even those Indian languages such as Malayalam, Odia, Kannada, Assamese which are not supported by iOS’ Indic keyboard.

At 5.9MB, this multilingual Indian keyboard has the lowest memory footprint in India and downloads in less than a minute with a 3G connection.

As an end-to end language input solution the Indic Keypad Swalekh Flip supports the following three modes with a user friendly navigation:

– The English mode allows the user type in English just like any other English keyboard

– The phonetic mode allows the user to simply type in English characters and allows real-time transliteration into the chosen Indian language script. This is especially useful for English language users who would like to communicate in Hinglish, Kanglish and any other available Indian language combination along with English.

– The native mode allows the users to type in their chosen Indian language.

Apart from the above, other integral features of Indic Keyboard Swalekh Flip include:

– Choice of grammatically accurate typing in 11 popular Indian languages without contributing to junk character or content creation

– Easy to add/create conjuncts in Indian languages ensuring more real estate for users to view on their open apps

Flip view settings -The flip icon on the top left of the keyboard shows settings that are available in the language of choice

– Progressive prediction that enables you to complete your message faster

– Keyboard height changing option for enhanced aesthetics

– Font size changing option to accommodate users

– Auto capitalisation to enhance grammatical accuracy

– Localised menu for empowering native users to access settings

– Pop up and sound on key press

– Select from 2 themes and 24 mood colours

With its debut on the iOS App Store, the aesthetically designed and intuitive Indian language keyboard helps iPhone users to communicate digitally in their preferred language. Since its launch on Android Play Store in January 2016, it has seen more than 3.6 lakh installs and enjoys an above average app rating of 4.2 stars. The top five cities that use Indic Keyboard Swalekh Flip on Android are New Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, and Ahmedabad.

The Indic Keyboard Swalekh Flip was built keeping in mind Reverie Languages Technologies’ vision to promote Language Equality On the Internet and build an Internet that is truly Indian. This necessitated the need for an Indian language input solution for all Indian language users wherever they are, worldwide.


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