11 Digital Success Stories from India

While many companies are still struggling to find their digital footing, few have positioned themselves to capture the real business benefits. After studying a number of cases in digital transformation, we have identified companies that stand out from the rest and are at the forefront in using digital technologies.

There is no definite mantra for success, but there are plenty of real cases that showcase that ‘going digital’ could be a winning formula in a company’s growth story. Considering the massive productivity gains and competitive advantage that the digital technologies bring in, companies across sectors are aiming to ride the digital bandwagon. However, as digital transformation demands strong enterprise-level governance and rapid development of new skills, many companies still have a long way to go in their digital transformation journeys.

While some companies are still struggling, others have started deriving business value from their digital efforts. Dataquest spoke to such leading companies that have scripted their success stories using digital technologies. Here is a firstperson account of representatives from these companies:

Kotak Mahindra Bank



Our digital product Jifi, which seamlessly incorporates social networking platforms like Twitter and Facebook with mainstream banking, has received an extremely encouraging response from our customers. Features such as Hashtag banking, Personal Finance Management solution called MoneyWatch, referral program, and free credit score have seen good usage.

With Kotak rewards, we have built eCommerce and mCommerce shopping experiences within banking. With these initiatives, over 90% of our savings account customer transactions have moved outside the branch to various self-service channels including mobile and net banking. Further, around 30% of our customers have leapfrogged to mobile over net banking. Another noteworthy fact is that our financial transaction value and ticket size through the app is amongst the highest in the industry.

We have also tried to simplify payments without compromising on security through innovative propositions like Mail Money and Message Money. In line with this, we have launched KayPay, a first of its kind social, bank agnostic, and real-time funds transfer platform. Theplatform received a positive response, with over 20,000 people using it in a very short period post its launch.

Deepak Sharma,Executive Vice President–Digital Initiatives, Kotak Mahindra Bank

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  1. Krishnan Kutty says:

    Indeed this project has transformed the passport service. In the earlier days, we need to fill multiple pages, stand in long queues nearly a day. Further, the processing used to take atleast 3 months. Now, true to the term digital transformation, the forms can be filled online, appointments are received online, in effect, no standing in long queues and service delivery is within days. This is called true transformation using digital technology.

  2. ayushi says:

    Very informative blog . I like the content. It is interesting to read . Thanks for sharing !! And Keep Posting !!

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